It wasn't easy at all to pick my AOTY since I've listened to more than 200 albums last year. My choice was mainly based on personal preference, i.e. the ones I play over and over, they're not necessarily the ones with the highest art value. You can look up for those on music press anyway. 2019年聽了超過兩百張專輯,最佳專輯的挑選準則完全基於個人偏好,例如播放次數很多的,不一定是藝術含量特高的(要找藝術含量高的可以去看音樂雜誌😛)

Top Albums 2019

AOTY 2019

  1. Fontaines D.C. | Dogrel 
    💬2018年在Dot to dot音樂節錯過此團,遺憾終生,其實一開始沒被打中但後來愈聽愈喜歡,Roy's Tune是我今年放最多遍的歌。
  2. Wand | Laughing Matter
    💬很耐聽的一張,很喜歡cory hanson的聲線,現場也超棒。I love almost all the tracks on this album, very attracted to Cory Hanson’s vocal too. I schedule my travel just to be at their gig in Vienna last August, they were stunning live.
    💬來自利物浦可愛大男孩,一張聽著相當舒服愉快的indie專輯。These adorable boys from Liverpool bring sunshine on cloudy days.
  4. Swim Deep | Emerald Classics 
    💬這張風格又有新的轉變,有像80年代流行曲致敬的感覺,聽感愉悅舒服。Although it can’t beat Where The Heaven Are We, it’s still a decent album full of feel-good indie tunes.
  5. Is Bliss | Strange Communication 
    💬期盼很久的debut album,迷幻、瞪鞋、太空,很噪的、溫暖民謠感的全都有,樸次茅斯小哥哥們沒讓我失望~ A highly anticipated debut album, and it did not disappoint me.
  6. Ride | This Is Not A Safe Place
    💬Mark老師主唱的曲目又更少了QQ / 目前最喜歡COSM / 15 Min聽起來像Thuston Moore rip-off / 雖然不管怎樣我都會乖乖掏錢但還是想揍安迪貝
  7. Night Flowers | Fortune Teller 
    💬Night Flowers連兩張專輯都很甜很抓耳!! Fortune Teller 好聽哭
  8. FEET | What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham  
    💬One of the new British indie bands that impressed me, reminds me of The Orielles , Shame, Cabbage, etc.
  9. The Royal Concept | The Man Without Qualities
  10. DIIV | Deceiver 
  11. Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres | Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres 
    💬沒想到是跟Trampolene的Jack Jones合作�,超愛Paradise is under your nose,喜歡邊開車邊聽這張。Loving this album even more when I found out that it was a collab with Jack Jones (Trampolene), a mellow album to listen to in the car.
  12. The Murder Capital | When I Have Fears 
    💬Another stunning Irish band
  13. Foals | Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost 
  14. CHAI | Punk 
    💬An indie-pop group formed by four talented and quirky Japanese girls, saw them twice in 2019, they were phenomenal, when music melts the language barrier.
  15. Marika Hackman | Any Human Friend 
    💬Hand Solo這首歌太厲害了,又鏘又Inspiring
  16. Whenyoung | Reasons To Dream 
    💬A labour of love百聽不厭
  17. Liz Lawrence | Pity Party 
    💬被bbc 6 music推薦,才發現就是跟Bombay Bicycle Club一起巡演的女歌手!
  18. Modern Nature | How To Live 
    💬啊!這張專太美了,超喜歡這種恬靜、田園牧歌般的 psychedelic folk,主腦之一是已解散的ultimate paintings的成員。Pastoral psych folk, an aesthetically pleasing album, not surprised knowing that the brain behind this project is from Ultimate Paintings.
  19. L’Epee | Diabolique 
    💬Stellar combination of the talents of Anton Newcombe, cinematic femme fatale Emmanuelle Seigner and The Limiñanas
  20. Baston | Primates  
    💬超級像DIIV!Sounds so much like DIIV
  21. W. H. Lung | Incidental Music 
  22. Crows | Silver Tongues 
  23. Tyler Burkhart | 2012-2016 
  24. Bill Ryder-Jones | Yawny Yawn 
  25. Eerie Wanda | Pet Town 
    💬荷蘭indie-pop,聽著如沐春風啊~ Dutch indie-pop that makes you feels like bathing in spring breeze.


Top EPs 2019

Top EPs 2019

  1. Squid | Town Centre
  2. Bdrmm | If Not, When?
    💬Sonic Cathedral旗下優質瞪鞋新團
  3. The Comet Is Coming | The Afterlife
  4. Otherkin | Electric Dream
    💬今年很喜歡的愛爾蘭團,給人一種90s liam gallagher making music in 2019的感覺
  5. SPINN | Acoustic EP


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